More Sustainability Resources

Continuing my saga through the books and websites addressing sustainability issues (which, btw, is unfortunately an incredibly depressing and sobering activity in and of itself), I have finished absorbing a couple of other resources that are both informative and balanced.

One resource that I would highly recommend is the Worldwatch Institute. This organization publishes some really great material, including their State of the World monograph each year.

You can actually download this monograph for free from the website here.

The second resource that I found indispensable is this book by Lester R. Brown:

This book is much more wonkish with a ton of statistics that support the basic thesis that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and there is very little we can do about it. How do you spin those statistics in a way that seems palatable? Well, you can’t it turns out – and, for me at least, there was no happy ending to this book even though it lays out all sorts of recommendations (probably meant for legislators ears) that appear to address the coming human calamity. Anyway, check out the website for the organization responsible for this book as well: Earth Policy Institute.